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ProGroom WindMaster

ProGroom WindMaster

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Introducing ProGroom WindMaster, the ultimate pet hair management solution for small and medium-sized dogs, cats, and other small animals.

Our innovative pet hair pulling hair dryer with interchangeable heads is designed to make grooming a breeze.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Wind Performance: The upgraded version of WindMaster boasts exceptional wind power, ensuring efficient drying and styling for your furry friends.

  2. Interchangeable Heads: Easily switch between the round head and flat head attachments to cater to different grooming needs.

  3. 3-Speed Temperature Adjustment: Customize the airflow and temperature with three settings:

    • Low: High wind speed, low temperature (ideal for summer use while protecting your pet´s coat).
    • Medium: Low air speed, medium temperature (perfect for combing and styling).
    • High: High air speed, high temperature (fast drying in winter).
  1. Hair Pulling and Modeling: Our comb head design features fine needles that effortlessly pull hair while providing a comfortable massage for your pets.

  2. Wet and Dry Capabilities: Use it for both wet and dry grooming sessions, making it versatile for any pet's needs.

  3. Low Noise Design: Keep your pets calm and comfortable during grooming with our low noise design.

  4. Overheating Protection: Safety is a top priority; the machine will automatically shut down if it detects overheating.

  5. Long Cable: Enjoy flexibility with a 2-meter cable length for easy maneuverability.

  6. Energy-Efficient: Rated at 600W, it efficiently dries and grooms your pets while conserving energy.

  7. Multi-Head Set: PetCare ProGroom WindMaster comes with three heads: Needle Comb Head, Round Head, and Flat Head, giving you a comprehensive grooming experience.

Experience the future of pet grooming with PetCare ProGroom WindMaster. Say goodbye to pet hair hassles and hello to a beautifully groomed pet.


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