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Bio Poop Bags - 100% Biodegradable cornstarch bags

Bio Poop Bags - 100% Biodegradable cornstarch bags

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Your Eco-Friendly Solution for Responsible Dog Waste Disposal!

Our compostable bags are revolutionizing pet waste management with their planet-friendly design.

Say goodbye to harmful polyethylene plastics, as our bags are 100% crafted from plant-based materials, specifically corn starch, ensuring an environmentally conscious choice.

Rest assured, they hold the esteemed ASTM D6400 certification, meeting rigorous compostability standards.

With a proud 100% compostable nature, you can confidently contribute to a greener tomorrow.

· Size and strength matter when it comes to dog waste, and our Bio Poop Bags don't disappoint.

Generously sized at 23 x 33 cm, they accommodate waste of all sizes, preventing any unpleasant surprises during cleanup. Their sturdy build ensures no leaks or spills, keeping your hands clean and the environment free from pollution. Each bag is effortlessly cut and opened, with a designated tear zone for added convenience.

· Fitting seamlessly into any standard dispenser, our rolls of Bio Poop Bags make the entire process hassle-free. If you already own a dispenser, simply load it up with our sustainable rolls, saving both time and the need for additional purchases.

· With every roll containing 15 bags, you'll have an ample supply to handle your furry friend's daily outings. Be prepared and make the responsible choice with Bio Poop Bags by your side.

· Promoting sustainability across the board, our packaging echoes our values. The box and central roll are thoughtfully made from recycled cardboard, making them easily recyclable after use. By choosing our product, you're embracing a circular approach that benefits both your pet and the planet.

Join the movement towards a cleaner, greener future with "Bio Poop Bags." Let's make dog waste disposal an eco-conscious journey for all responsible pet owners!

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